Rhi (regency_rhi) wrote in at_loose_ends,

so many projects, so little time... wait, so much time!

One thing that has occurred often over the past 18 months is that I'll think of a crafty thing to do, but then think 'thesis', so while some projects have been done I haven't done as many as I've considered. In this last month, my first of 'freedom', I've been going through all my folders of projects I've ripped out of magazines or downloaded from the internet (the former mostly cross-stitch, the latter crochet) and deciding what I want to do. It feels so ... decadent, I guess, to not have to worry too much about time constraints. Squee!

The new problem, of course, is that if I stitched/crocheted all these things, I've have a stack of embroideries and afghans with nothing to do with them or nowhere to display them. The solution is gifts, so all of the projects I'm working on at the moment are going to be Christmas presents. Good for me, but a bit sucky for the purposes of posting to LJ. Oh well.

I've also just bought myself three new crochet hooks, 15mm, 20mm, and a 6mm extended afghan hook. I bought myself some new embroidery scissors too, as mine have gone missing. I thought that they would be sure to turn up as soon as I'd spent money on a new pair, but nope, still missing.
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