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christmas crafts

I have been moderately crafty for this Christmas, with several cards done. I have embroidered a cute design on an aida band and attached it to a hand towel for my mother (cats! in mugs!) (it is safe, she doesn't read LJ). I have also been doing some cooking-crafts, today making some spiced nuts, some peppermint truffles and some peanut butter fudge, all to go in a bag (felt, decorated with a cross-stitch of Mr. Christmas, the newish sell-out christmas guy from Mr. Men) for Jaime and Alice and Avery. There will also be a toy added for Avery. This was prompted by the fact that every year, they give us a bag of stuff that Alice has made to eat, and I wanted to reciprocate. This year they have given us some wine and a board game, though, but still, I am behind in the hand-cooked gifts department.
Well, I slightly burnt the first batch of nuts but the second was great, so more like 1 and a half batches, enough to fill a jar for them, a jar for my friend Sophie who I'm seeing tomorrow and some for us. The truffles will I think taste good but they are the most misshapen lumps that I have ever made. I just COULD NOT get the darn stuff to form balls. Chilled too much, I think, darn it, although it was an hour less than the recipe suggested. And the fudge... this was not a good day for making fudge, a bit humid. It is still cooling, and I am waiting to see if it has actually worked and we have fudge or if we have a grainy mess.

I am considering investing in a digital camera, as I am getting tired of not being able to post pictures of what I am working on.
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