Rhi (regency_rhi) wrote in at_loose_ends,

some ugly gloves and pretty flowers

I have this vintage crochet pattern for a pair of gloves - not a large woolly pair for outdoors warmth but a more elegant pair. Unfortunately being a vintage pattern, the yarn recommendation is a yarn brand that is no longer manufactured and I can't find any details about, and there is no tension advice. So I decided to do a trial and see. Using a 4-ply cotton, and a 1mm hook, this is what I got:

I messed up the second finger somehow at the base, so when I was decreasing it went too fast and ended up pointy. At that point I decided to abandon the first trial, and not bother with the other two fingers.
For the second run, I'm going to shorten the length along the arm, not make whatever mistake I made with the second finger, and use a slightly bigger hook (1.25mm) and see how that goes. It will be in the same unfortunate yarn. (I had it on hand to maybe use for a baby present, but changed my mind.)

I've also finished some embroidery - a free cross-stitch kit of tulips that came with a magazine, and a piece of free-style embroidery that I will make up into a present for my grandmother, I think.

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