Rhi (regency_rhi) wrote in at_loose_ends,

let's have us a costume raising! fastest team gets a cow (thanks T)

So sad_frog and I were talking crafty ideas at the con and we came up with an idea for a way for us to
1) get some craft/costume done
2) feel productive
3) get to make things for others as well

and we've thought of 'costume raising'! it's like a barn raising, but with no barns or indeed farm buildings of any kind. how will this work?

people will suggest an outfit or costume that they want to make or finish. we plan a day when a group of us get together and all work on that person's outfit. It would be best to have chosen the pattern and the fabric in advance, as that way the fabric can be pre-washed, etc. But we can all help draft and fit the pattern, cut things out, sew, decorate. We can help make accessories in our areas of expertise, and we can motivate each other. Fitting and hemming are always much easier with others there to help.

What do others think? Who likes the idea?
I'd like to do this with my 1860s outfit, but I still need a corset first.
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