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knitting (sort of)

I love crochet. I'm competent at crochet, which is better than being 'good', as I understand it, because being good at crochet implies that I am reasonably fast and able to accurately complete intermediate to hard projects. Being competent, as I imagine it, includes that but also covers the ability to correct mistakes, to be able to look at the piece and tell what stitches I've been using, to really KNOW what the yarn is doing and how it will react to different stitches. 
So learning to knit (again? I did once learn as a child, but not very well and I quickly abandoned the knowledge) has been disheartening because I am so incompetent. I cannot visualise the final product. I don't realise I've made a mistake while the stitiches are still on the needle. I am a slave to the pattern and my instruction books.

I decided to learn to knit again for two reasons. The first is, as I'm sure many of you are aware by now, that I'm a craft junkie. I like expanding my range of techniques. So 'learn to knit'  had been on my to-do list for a few years. What spurred it in particular was a collar pattern from a magazine, that combines  2x2 knit rib for the collar and stand with crochet for the base. I have no idea how, where, or with what I will wear this collar, but I fell in love with the look of it.

2x2 rib involves knit 2 purl 2 and then on the next row knitting into the purl stitches and purling into the knit stitches. As long as you are keeping track at the start of a row, the rest falls into an easy pattern.  I'm not convinced my tension is going well (I think my stitches are a little looser on the actual thing than the gauge swatch, not sure why) and I've made a few little mistakes.  The biggy was messing up something and doing 2 whole rows off-kilter, which messed up the ribbing (ie I did one row of knit into knit, purl into purl, so sort of 'reversed'  the rib). I didn't notice until I'd done two rows because, as mentioned, I'm not reading the yarn like I would with crochet. Still, I pulled out those rows and sucessfully picked up the loops to start again, following the instructions in my reader's digest complete guide to needlework. I appear to have salvaged that situation, but the stupid thing is I suspect I won't know until I've done another two rows and they've turned out correctly.  Ripping out stitches and starting again is much harder in knitting than crochet - at least in crochet you only have one stitch on the hook at a time. (Usually, of course.  There are exceptions, but I can and will generalise).

I've done maybe two inches so far, and I need to get to 4 and a half before I can bind off and start the crochet section.
It could take a while :)
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