Philippa (divaflip) wrote in at_loose_ends,

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I'm still here

I was replying to sadfrog's post and realised that I hadn't actually done a post of my own here before.

I do read this, I do respond to other posts, but most of my own craft posting is done at my own site, Synaesthezia.  I don't want to send every post from there to this group, as I already feed it into my own lifejournal.  But I guess if there is anything that people want to discuss that I have done - techniques, styles etc - then I'm happy to start up a post here.

Are there any suggestions about how you would like me to present things that I have been doing?
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oh btw I tried to add a tag of my name, for future reference. But I'm not able to. Is there any protocol that you are using for this group? Or are tags not being used?
Not sure about any of that stuff. Rhiannon might know.